HOW TO: Neck Range of Motion Exercise for Seniors

Most of us, even retirees, are on computers and sitting at desks. Learn about some exercises that will improve the range of motion in your neck, while giving your shoulders a break. This video is one of many that offers health and wellness tips at

Katie Burns, Certified Personal Trainer with MVP Athletic Club, shows how something as simple as moving the head up and down can help improve the neck’s range of motion and stability.

When you’re at a desk you’re usually scrunched over and your neck is tight. To loosen it up and and get freedom through the throat and the back of the neck, take your chin down to your chest. Next, take your chin and look up, pause at the top, and then bring it back down. You can connect your breathing with this exercise; as you look up inhale big, filling your chest, and then exhale as you take your chin down. You’re stretching out the back of your neck and working down to your spine. This is a corrective exercise for forward head posture; if your head tends to jut a bit forward you can do this to stretch out the back of your neck as you lift and lower.

You can also change direction; take your chin over your shoulder, bring it to the center then take it the other way. The chin is parallel to the floor. and is in a nice line as you shift from side-to-side. You can imagine your ear and your nose leading the way in this exercise. Shoulders stay still and the spine stays long.

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