Juilliard Drama | A Day in the Life

Lorenzo Jackson, a member of Drama Group 48, talks about a typical day studying acting at Juilliard. His classes include movement with Moni Yakim, masks with Mina Yakin, speech with Kate Wilson, voice with Andrew Wade, singing with Deborah Lapidus, scene study with Rebecca Guy, and rehearsal for Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters.’ Learn more about Juilliard Drama: https://goo.gl/by2Rlh.

Theater is a calling, an art, a craft, a political act, a profession, and a business. The Juilliard Drama Division is dedicated to providing the 21st-century theater artist with the necessary tools, artistic and personal, to meet the demands of all aspects of our work in an ever evolving performing arts landscape.

Our curriculum emphasizes intuition and spontaneity as well as discipline, technique, intellectual development, and social context. Our approach combines vocal and physical training, extensive work on the written word, and appreciation of style with a fierce commitment to emotional honesty, immense physical energy, and imaginative daring. We believe that this rigorous experience, along with our pledge to preparing young theater artists to take a place of responsibility in the community at large, have enabled 40 years of alumni to excel as artists, leaders and global citizens.

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