Sneak Peek Into The Art of Living Kitchen In Bengaluru

The Art of Living International Center has a unique kitchen, which serves 3 meals a day, 365 days in a year. Millions of people from around the world enjoy the meals cooked in this 10,000 sq ft. kitchen.

Another fact that intrigues everyone is that the kitchen staff are all volunteers, not trained professionals. These volunteers work with dedication, amidst chants to create delicious, nourishing ‘Sattvic’ food. Come rain or sun, The Art of Living’s Annapoorna Kitchen works through the year.

Come visit this place to see this extraordinary system in action for yourself at The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore. (

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About Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a world-renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader, and an ambassador of peace and human values. Through his life and work, Gurudev has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free and violence-free world.
In 1981, Gurudev founded The Art of Living, a non-profit organization that is engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The programs designed by Gurudev provide techniques and tools to live a deeper and more joyous life.

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