Your Life, Your Health: Senior CrossFit

In Clifton Park, some Capital Region seniors are proving age is no boundary when it comes to Crossfit. Silverfit is a new program for the 65 and older crowd looking to get stronger and fitter ‚” but don’t think of super intense jumping, running and lifting like in traditional Crossfit.

“It’s going to focus more on balance, stability, basic strength and functional strength as it’s going to apply to their daily tasks like moving around furniture, picking up groceries, things of that nature.” Says trainer Caleb Nelson. He’s the co-owner of Purebred Athletics, a relatively new gym in Clifton Park offering Silverfit classes twice a week.

“It makes you feel younger.” Says Carol Vroman. She’s 68 years old and took up Silverfit as a way to prep for her 50th class reunion. “I walk out of here and can actually jog to my car and I’m feeling mentally and physically better.”

Carol and classmate Kathy Hatfield, 72, engaged in their daily workout of stretches, squats and slight lifts. A trainer coaches the women and many of the exercises are done in unison. Special attention is given to each athlete and a forefront goal is improving any mobility issues the person might have. On this particular day, Kathy was trying to work more on using her abdominal muscles instead of putting pressure on her back.

“I could feel that my body was deteriorating.” She says. “And I thought, it doesn’t have to be this way because I’ve seen older people who are really fit.”

Silverfit is offered Tuesdays and Saturdays at Purebred Athletics. Trainers, a masseuse and chiropractor are on site and it’s just $12 a class.

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